Miranda Kerr’s Dating Tips – Obsession Phrases Could Work Magic

kerrModel Miranda Kerr should know a bit about dating you might think, but she could also do with some advise from the dating program for women – “Obsession Phrases” – if you read what she has to say about women and dating advice in the latest issue of Harper’s Baazar.

Ms Kerr has taken dating advice for women to a whole new, rather bizarre level.

She broke up with husband, actor Orlando Bloom in 2013 and she starts by providing some fairly straight forward advice on wearing sexy underwear to give you that “extra boost of confidence”.  It all goes south, as it were, from there.

And then some more advice – but not “Obsession Secrets” tips:

Next, should a girl ever call a guy? “I don’t believe in that. I believe in the man chasing the girl, but that’s just me personally.” Texting? “I think a woman should respond but not reach out.”

And more:

“Men don’t want to be disrespected, and women feel the best when they feel cherished,” she says. “So if a woman is feeling cherished, she will respect a man, and if a man’s feeling respected, he will cherish a woman. It doesn’t need to be complicated.”

…hmm, a bit odd you’d have to say.  But wait – there’s more:

To the issues: How to prepare for a date? “What really works is to spend 15 minutes and focus on feelings and moments that have made you feel really good. Remember those moments so you can build up a positive force field around you.”

And finally, the rejoinder from Miranda:kerr2

Which brings us to the timeless question of sex on the first date. Out comes the notepad. “My philosophy is that until you get to know them it’s better not to, because energetically as a woman you get attached. So you’re better off to go on a few dates and see if you want to get attached or not.”

And so there it is, some rather odd combined with some rather novel advice from Ms Kerr.  If you are looking to secure your man effectively, then try to watch the “Obsession Phrases” video on dating words and phrases for women seeking their ‘magic man’.

obsessive-phrases-video1Watch it here

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