Mississippi lawyers Butler Snow recently completed the construction of…

Mississippi lawyers Butler Snow recently completed the construction of a state-of-the-art courtroom which is equipped with the latest courtroom technology and is thought to be the first such facility in Mississippi.

Modern trial practice requires a lawyer not only to have knowledge of traditional courtroom skills in communication and tactics, but also to be proficient in using the latest courtroom technology. Butler Snow’s courtroom affords its attorneys the opportunity to hone their traditional skills in an authentic setting. At the same time, the courtroom provides our attorneys the opportunity to get practical, hands-on experience using the same technologies by which they will present our clients’ cases at trial.
Additionally, the integrated audio/visual equipment in the Butler Snow courtroom allows lawyers, witnesses and clients to receive critiques and evaluations; it will help them to make sometimes complex evidence most understandable; and it provides a realistic setting for depositions.

The realistic courtroom includes a twelve-person jury box, jury deliberation room and a conference room. The state-of-the-art equipment includes touchscreen monitors, video cameras and recording equipment, Pointmaker exhibit presentation/illustration software, Trial Director courtroom software, Powerpoint presentation software, internet access, DVD/VHS display over large screen and touchscreen displays, visual presenters and multiple computer projectors.

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