Monash Law Students Slam University Over ‘Elitist’ Exam Attitude

Monash Law Students Slam University Over 'Elitist' Exam Attitude 2

Monash Law Students Slam University Over 'Elitist' Exam Attitude 3

Monash University law school students are protesting the university’s procedures regarding their exam procedures in the COVID era, labelling them “classist, ableist and elitist” in a letter written by Monash students.

Nearly 1000 students protested the strict measures taken by the school so far as exams are concerned, registering their frustration and anger at the short notice and the protocols introduced by the university.

The students claim they had only 11 days’ notice of the changes and the need to obtain multiple devices to handle a three hour at-home exam monitored by an unknown person in their own home.

The university said the eExam was notified on 30 April, providing 47 days’ notice of the changes.

“This move by Monash has not been implemented at other law schools and presents an issue of privacy and equity. The measure is not based on accreditation but decision by the school which begs significant questions,” read a letter by Monash students. 

“As we all know, these are unprecedented times. The global pandemic has not only impacted us all personally in a variety of ways but has also impacted the way we have functioned over the past few months. This has consequently increased student anxiety and stress. It makes no sense to insist on an exam procedure that is cumbersome and prone to technical issues, [that is] classist, ableist and elitist.”


“We, the current law students at Monash University, wish to respectfully register our distress, frustration and anger at the information released on 10 June 2020 by the Law Faculty, regarding the procedure for the upcoming re-exams,” the petition read. 

According to the petition, students said they were only given 11 days’ notice before the start of the exam period to ensure they had multiple devices that can sustain three hours of a video call so that an unknown person can monitor them within their own home. 

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