Law Job Opportunities With MPI Vital To Protecting New Zealand’s Economy and Environment

Law Job Opportunities With MPI Vital To Protecting New Zealand's Economy and Environment 2

Among the more interesting law jobs recently listed on the LawFuel Law Jobs Network are prosecution roles with the prosecutions team at the Ministry for Primary Industries, which handles over 100 prosecutions annually.


Perhaps the most common areas of prosecution are in fisheries and animal welfare issues, but MPI work across a range of areas including biosecurity, forestry and the food and wine sector.  With major issues like climate change and the foot and mouth disease outbreak in Indonesia, the need for New Zealand to proactively both protect its borders and play its role in climate change issues are more important than ever.

MPI is the lead agency dealing with biosecurity, but it also has key responsibilities handling animal welfare issues, responsibility for for administering the Fisheries Act 1996 and its supporting regulations, food safety issues and other areas of high public interest and safety.

The opportunities for lawyers to work with MPI is one of the most important areas of law in the regulatory area and the current law jobs on offer from the Ministry provide lawyers interested in this work to

MPI are currently looking for prosecutors to join their teams at both junior and senior levels and in different locations, including Canterbury, Hawkes Bay and Wellington.

Apart from the range of experience working with top support and collegial teams, there is opportunity to travel within New Zealand while building your experience in litigation and in the vital defence of New Zealand’s economic and environmental interests.

A core part of the jobs involves not only the conduct of MPI prosecutions in regional District Courts, but also reviewing investigation files, providing research and operational advice within MPI and other matters that add to the variety and job interest.

More interest in the MPI prosecution roles can be found at the MPI website, but also looking at the jobs themselves, which can be seen on the LawFuel law jobs site here and here.

For those looking to build their litigation and overall legal experience working in these essential areas, as well as developing your own legal resume there is major opportunity to create a meaningful and important legal career.

See the law jobs at MPI at the LawFuel Jobs Network.


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