My Money Tree

The Money Tree is a complete Home Budgeting system. It is simple to follow and just as simple to


We DO NOT claim this will make you millions over night, and we warn you about schemes and scams

that make such claims. The Money Tree will assist you to keep track of those hard earned dollars,

helping you make every dollar count towards making ends meet and having extra to help fulfil your

dreams – be they overseas holidays or buying your own home!

It will teach you VERY practical ways to save money and break some of those bad habits that are

costing you money. Despite your income, despite your current situation, the sooner you start using The

Money Tree and taking responsibility for your financial independence the sooner you will be reaping the


The Money Tree Revised Edition includes all of the following:
The Money Tree book (ISBN: 0-646-45737-3)
80 pages of helpful information:

* Eliminate debt quickly
* The habits and pitfalls of common man
* Get rid of the need for credit cards, cheque accounts & EFTPOS
* Save money at the supermarket
* Tips on children’s spending habits
* Teach your kids to save
* The danger of “lines of credit”
* A step by step easy to follow budget guide
* And much, much more

The Money Tree Budgeting software
Designed for those who:

* Have a running line of credit
* Do not wish to use the cash system highly recommended in the book.
* Can not give up the plastic
* Minimum requirements are:
o Microsoft® Windows® 2000 or Windows® XP
o Screen Resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels
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Envelopes & Labels
For the smarter budgeter who:

* Wishes to make the most of “The Money Tree” system
* Wishes to take full control of their finances

User manual

* Downloadable and printable from the CD-ROM
* A full guide on how to use the software