New Business Network Launches, Offering Small Businesses and Professionals Advanced Communications, Lead Generation, and Free Applications, a new business network built to address the specific needs of small businesses and professionals, launches with a bevy of online communication, tracking, and business tools.

Hyderabad, India. April 10, 2009 – It wasn’t just the need for a small business network that ultimately led to the launch of professional business network WAPR this week. It was the simple question of “Now What?”

“Like many professionals, I signed up for some of the more popular online networks for professionals” recalled WAPR CEO Kiran Teegala. “I put in my name, my company, added a few colleagues that I knew… then I asked myself ‘ok, now what?’… I mean, I had a list of contacts, but the network really didn’t do anything useful – either for me, or my company. So I set about developing a better one.”

The result of Teegala’s question is WAPR, a business network aimed at small business and professionals. The biggest difference in WAPR, and one Teegala was adamant in offering, are tools specifically made for a small business. In essence, besides being a professional network, he wanted WAPR to function as a company lead-generation tool, a communications portal, and even act as a quasi ERP system / company Intranet for companies that didn’t have one.

“We’ve developed features that really matter. For example, a company can sign up, and immediately start receiving business leads. And, of course, they can post their own needs, and find new suppliers. But it goes way beyond that in terms of communications.” says Teegala

Indeed, the communication aspect is one of the more interesting things about WAPR. The environment is real-time, so a company can setup a page, view who is on their page, and initiate communications via real-time chat (a feature called WAPR 24×7, which is one of the applications that come with WAPR). But they can also do this other places as well, a feature that Teegala is very excited about “Companies can paste a piece of code onto their websites, blogs, or even other social networks, and monitor them from WAPR. They can see someone come onto their website, and initiate a real-time chat. The customer-service and sales possibilities are endless, never mind internal communications” beamed Teegala “In fact, WAPR is like an ERP system, a website, and an Intranet, all wrapped up into one. Companies can control who can see who, set permissions, and monitor communications. There’s even a standalone chat component, called WAPR Live, which you can access from mobile devices.”

However, Teegala is quick to point out that these business features do not mean WAPR is for companies only. “Besides small businesses, we want WAPR to be immensely useful to professionals as well” says Teegala “We have all the features professional expect, like finding and connecting with colleagues and classmates, listing professional skills, and other networking features. And we do this from within the WAPR interactive environment, meaning professional can connect with companies that interest them, and vice-versa.”

To learn more about WAPR, visit their website at

WAPR is a small business network for companies and professionals both. Offering a bevy of features, such as WAPR 24×7 and WAPR Live, WAPR represents the future of business networking – a future where business networks are useful, fully-interactive environments. To learn more about WAPR, visit them online at

Kiran Teegala, CEO, Core Software Pvt. Ltd
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