New Diamond Sportsbook Bonus Codes Made Available to Users

Internet sports buffs can revel with the announcement of several new Diamond Sportsbook bonus codes, which have generated a lot of buzz already. With the recent declaration of its various bonus codes, Diamond Sportsbook has entered the halls of the most popular sports betting websites existing today. These new Diamond Sportsbook bonus codes are also different from their offers so far, in that they provide a large amount as bonus and also have various promotional codes available for people who sign up. The primary bonus code present in the list is a 140% deposit bonus which allows people to get free playing bonus on initial deposits that they make. It starts with a deposit of $250 which provides for a bonus of 40%. Additionally, the same bonus code can be used for a 100% free bonus for amounts up to $500. 100% free bonus codes have been used in the online sports betting world only rarely so far, and with their new 140% bonus code, the website has placed the bar very high for other similar websites. The promotional code is a 100% bonus code. This is available for anyone who makes an opening deposit of $100. Upon doing that, the promotional code of 100% bonus becomes available to people. At the same time, the Diamond Sportsbook bonus codes are available on a special basis for people who make large deposits of $1,000 or more. Since these deposits come few and far between, the people who make the deposits are asked to get in touch with the people running the website to get their specialized bonuses, which depend on the amounts they deposit. The Diamond Sportsbook website is not new to announcing sports betting codes. The company established in 1998 and with its headquarters in San Jose Costa Rica is known for its various customer-friendly bonuses and new technological methods for sprucing up its online sportsbook features. The sportsbook deals with various kinds of sports to cater to different kinds of sports lovers. The main sports included are horse racing, NFL football, MLB baseball, basketball, NASCAR, boxing and hockey among several others. A spokesperson for the company spoke during the announcement of the bonus codes, “It has always been Diamond Sportsbook’s endeavor to get more people to put their foot in through the door. We are a growing community and like to keep it that way. That’s the reason we have various bonus codes, most of them with offers that haven’t been heard of before.” With these Diamond Sportsbook bonus codes, the benchmark has been pushed quite far apart making it difficult for other companies to follow. It will be interesting to watch how the rival websites plan their strategies to counter this unprecedented move by this company.

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