New Law Jobs . . And Deciding What Sort of Lawyer You Should Be

New Law Jobs . . And Deciding What Sort of Lawyer You Should Be
New Law Jobs . . And Deciding What Sort of Lawyer You Should Be

Deciding what sort of lawyer you should be involves a range of issues potential and actual lawyers need to consider, such as their interests and other matters.  

LawFuel has a short quiz that can help lawyers decide what sort of lawyer they are based on the short questionnaire.  You can take the short quiz right here.

LawFuel’s expanding law jobs network continues to grow with new jobs focused entirely on the legal profession and including legal jobs in Australia as well as focused initially on the New Zealand law market.

The range of jobs includes in-house and law firm jobs as well as government and local body work, reflecting the increased diversity of legal work and demand for lawyers.

Among the latest jobs on the LawFuel law jobs network are a job with the Horowhenua District Council, which involves providing advice to the Chief Executive and senior management team on a range of issues, plus a new role with an innovative energy company providing in-house legal advice across a range of interesting and challenging areas.

Auckland litigation boutique lawyer McElroys are seeking an insurance litigator to work with their close knit insurance litigation team and a Lower Hutt and Wellington-based law firm is seeking a lawyer interested in Maori law and Treaty issues to work on potentially groundbreaking cases in those areas.

Brisbane-based law firm McCullough’s is seeking a construction lawyer to work on a growing range of interesting and complex construction law roles.

A different role and change of lifestyle is offered by the Whakatane law firm East Bay Law, who are seeking a criminal or family lawyer (or both) to handle work in a well supported and well resourced law firm.

Additional law jobs are being listed regularly on the LawFuel law jobs network, which also features its jobs on the Network’s Facebook NZ Law Jobs page and other key partner law job sites.

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