New Report Global Wind Energy Market Outlook (2010 – 2015) published by Marketsandmarkets

Increasing demand of electricity and environmental concerns has put the pressure on countries globally to increase the focus on renewable energy. Governments support in terms of favorable policies and incentives, and advantages over other renewable energies are continuously helping to increase the wind power installation capacity worldwide.

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Global wind energy market, a rapidly growing market segment of global renewable energy, has recorded double digit annual growth in the past ten years and the market is expected to maintain this growth till 2015 by reinstalling and additions of new generation turbines as well as increasing the size and efficiency of the turbines. At the end of 2009, global wind power installed capacity reached to 159 GW, an increase of approx. 38 GW. In terms of percentage, the growth was 31.7% in 2009, followed by 28.7% in 2008, 26.7% in 2007 and 25.6% in 2006, a continually increasing growth rate. The main markets responsible for this growth are China, U.S., Spain, Germany, and India. Together all five countries account for 76.7% of total wind power new installation in 2009.

• Define the global wind energy market.
• Identify the major driving factors, opportunities and inhibitors.
• Analyze the trends and forecasts of the wind energy market.
• Identify the major stakeholders in the market and draw a competitive landscape for the market leaders.

The report briefs about the wind energy market in terms of market size, both globally and regionally. In-depth geographic analysis for wind energy market, covering the major regional markets, viz. North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World (RoW) has been provided; Key players in the wind energy have been profiled along with recent updates and developments in Global Wind Energy market.

The intended audience of this report includes:
• Wind turbine installers
• Raw material suppliers
• Wind turbine component suppliers
• Wind firm developers and investors
• Wind energy investors
• Government agencies and industry associations

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