NEW YORK, Nov. 12 2004 – LAWFUEL – Class action, legal, litiga…

NEW YORK, Nov. 12 2004 – LAWFUEL – Class action, legal, litigation, law, law firm news — Wolf Popper LLP has filed a lawsuit in
U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois on behalf of
participants in the Aon Corporation (“Aon”) 401(K) Savings Plan (the “Plan”)
for violations of the federal pension law (ERISA) in connection with the loss
of value in Aon stock (NYSE: AOC) acquired and held by present and former
employees of Aon through the Plan. The goal of this litigation is to recover
damages sustained by employees in the Plan. The complaint can be viewed on
Wolf Popper’s website or obtained from the Court.
The lawsuit alleges that the fiduciaries of the Aon Plan violated their
fiduciary duties by investing Plan assets in Aon stock from November 1, 1998
to the present (the “Class Period”), during which time Aon failed to disclose
certain improper business practices. In particular, during the Class Period,
Aon touted itself as experiencing outstanding, sustainable growth, and as
continuing to demonstrate positive results, when in truth, Aon was engaged in
a plan whereby Aon steered business toward certain insurers, and shielded such
companies from competition, in exchange for so-called “contingent commissions”
or kick-backs. This arrangement created improper incentives for Aon to steer
business towards those insurers who were, in effect, providing kickbacks to
Wolf Popper LLP has extensive experience representing shareholders in
class actions and has successfully recovered billions of dollars for defrauded
investors and shareholders. If you are a current or former employee of Aon,
or a subsidiary of Aon, who acquired Aon stock through the Aon Plan between
November 1, 1998 and the present, and you are interested in recovering losses
or if you have information which might assist us in the investigation of these
allegations, please call or write:

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