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NEW YORK, Oct. 27 2004 LAWFUEL – Lawsuit, litigation, law firm, attorney news– The Michael Stewart Frankel Law Firm,
( in New York City, filed a lawsuit in New York
State Supreme Court against Salton, Inc. (NYSE: SFP); Federated Department
Stores, Inc. (NYSE: FD), and Bloomingdale’s brought by a New York City family
who claim that both they and their young child suffered lead poisoning from
the routine use of a popular hot water kettle, the Russell Hobbs “Mona
Cordless Jug Kettle”.

The Plaintiffs allege in the suit that water was contaminated with lead
when placed in the kettle. As a result of such use of the Russell Hobbs “Mona
Cordless Jug Kettle” that was purchased in Bloomingdale’s in New York City, it
is contended that the plaintiffs suffered lead poisoning.

The complaint, which seeks unspecified damages, alleges that the Russell
Hobbs “Mona Cordless Jug Kettle”, model number RHMK 3022, is designed,
manufactured, and distributed by Salton, Inc. (SFP) and sold at
Bloomingdale’s, a division of Federated Department Stores (FD). The suit
contends that when water is placed in the kettle, lead is emitted into the
water from the kettle, contaminating the water.

Lead is a highly toxic heavy metal that causes adverse health effects
ranging from pediatric brain injury, learning disabilities, attention deficit
disorder and in very severe cases, seizures and death.

The Michael Stewart Frankel Law Firm has successfully represented many
families in lead poisoning cases over a period of many years and has been the
attorney of record on precedent setting and reported cases in lead poisoning
litigation including Juarez v. Wavecrest Mgt. Team, Ltd., 212 A.D.2d 38 (1st
Dept.1995), rev’d 88 N.Y.2d 628 (1996); Cortes v. Riverbridge Realty Co., 227
A.D.2d 430 (2d Dept.1996); Public Service Mutual Insurance Co. v. Ayfas Realty
Corp., 234 A.D.2d 226 (1st Dept.1996), lv. dism 90 N.Y.2d 844 (1997); Nwaru v.
Leeds Mgt. Co., 236 A.D.2d 252 (1st Dept.1997) Calderone v. Levites Realty
Mgt. Corp., 246 A.D.2d 458 (1st Dept.1998); Pena v. Classic Realty Mgt. Corp.,
247 A.D.2d 215 (1st Dept.1998); Kelly v. New York City Housing Auth., 248
A.D.2d 594 (2d Dept.1998); Lopez v. No Kit Realty Corp., 254 A.D.2d 155 (1st
Dept.1998) Cartegena v. Tang, 260 AD2d 337 (2d Dept 1999); Vargas v. Menorah
Realty Corp., 274 AD2d 428 (1st Dept 2000); Tejeda v. 116 West Corp., 293 AD2d
261 (1st Dept 2002); Zaman v Patwary, 295 AD2d 424 (2d Dept 2002); Munoz v.
Puretz, 301 AD2d 382 (1st Dept 2003); Perez v. New York City Housing
Authority, 304 AD2d 736 (2d Dept 2003); Bligen v. Markland Estates, Inc., 6
AD3d 371 (2d Dept 2004).

If you purchased and/or used the Russell Hobbs “Mona Cordless Jug Kettle”,
model number RHMK 3022 and wish to discuss your legal rights related to
possible damages arising from lead poisoning or have any questions, please
contact Michael Stewart Frankel, Esq. at (800) 526-1969, toll free, or by
e-mail at [email protected] or at Inquiries by e-mail are encouraged to include
a mailing address and telephone number.

The Michael Stewart Frankel Law Firm practices primarily in the areas of
lead poisoning and products liability litigation and is located at 275 Madison
Avenue, in New York City. The Firm was founded in 1978 by Michael Stewart
Frankel and has recovered multimillion dollars in damages in lead poisoning

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