NJL’s Top 50 Law Schools

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The National Law Journal have released their rankings of the top 50 law schools based on these stats:

  • percentage of 2013 graduates who took jobs at top firms (the largest by headcount)
  • the schools that saw the most alumni promoted to partner during 2013
  • law schools costs compared to large firm hiring records.

The survey is on the back of a welcome increase in hiring for the big firms, particularly welcome news after the schools suffered some lawsuits and were also packaging up brand new juris doctors onto a crowded market.

The most popular schools had 27 per cent of graduates landing associate jobs, which is a 25 per cent increase on the 2012 figure, the highest hiring percentage since 2010.

So things are looking up for graduates, it seems.

But to see the full figures you need to check the NLJ page and register here.


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