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LawFuel says – 


Any firm generating the massive revenues that Norton Rose does have mixed ‘reviews’ from lawyers and certainly Norton Rose is no exception.  The work can be intense, interesting, demanding as with any firm, but some issues regarding the ‘salt mine’ culture create doubts for some.

Norton Rose says –

“It is for you to decide whether you are the right person for us. Do you want your career to be global? Can you fulfill our expectations of you? Do you trust our promises to subscribe to our values? When we say that we stand by quality, unity and integrity, we mean it. We are looking for a wide, diverse mix of strong individuals.”  Kevin Hogarth 
Global director of people and culture

Money – 

Australia, only – TBA  

Graduate Programmes – 

Norton Rose offers a range of clerking and graduate programmes across its multiple offices.  

Diversity & Social Responsibility – 

“We focus our CSR efforts in support of human rights, Indigenous rights, rights of the LGBTI community, rights of women and children, rights of homeless people and rights of those in the community who are otherwise less fortunate. We do this through pro bono legal support, charitable giving and fundraising, volunteering, our environmental sustainability initiatives and through the actions and initiatives identified in our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Benefits – 


Pay Scale – 

Details are unavailable presently, but the US rates for Associates were published by AbovetheLaw as follows – 

Class of 2017: $190,000
Class of 2016: $200,000
Class of 2015: $220,000
Class of 2014: $255,000
Class of 2013: $280,000
Class of 2012: $305,000
Class of 2011: $325,000
Class of 2010: $340,000

Glass Door – 

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