Now Its Chapman Tripp’s Turn for a #Metoo Moment

Now Its Chapman Tripp's Turn for a #Metoo Moment

And now Chapman Tripp are ensnared in the #Metoo movement, with a report that one of the firm’s solicitor’s had sex with a law student at an Auckland University Law Students’ Society camp in 2012, which Chapman Tripp had sponsored.

The firm said it had only just been made aware of the allegation and investigated “immediately”. The apparent offender was evidently a junior solicitor and the victim a 19 year old.

The scandal engulfing Russell McVeagh has firms on edge as the reports of such incidents continue to emerge and the question with the current, case-de-jour is whether this was one of consensual sex or a genuine case of sexual assault, or worse. But investigating an incident six years ago is going to be difficult for anyone.

For Chapman Tripp, however, it is also the fallout that comes from being ensnared in the whole developing #Metoo story.

Yesterday saw a march on Russell McVeagh from students from Victoria University and others who chanted their disapproval of workplace harassment and called for the firm to be dropped from the Government’s all of Government panel, among other things.

Now Its Chapman Tripp's Turn for a #Metoo Moment

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