NZ Dating and Matchmaking Site Seeks Men – Matched Men Create Shortage

Wellington matchmaking company Matchcompany is offering a free consultation with men to obtain additional clients following a hectic season of successful matching. Matchcompany principal matchmaker Rosie Bowie says that although there are plenty of men on her company’s books, there is a shortage created by recent matches.

“We occasionally have these issues where we simply have a ‘run on men’ to the point where there is an issue in finding people who are suitable to be matched with clients.

“While this can sometimes happen with women, it’s more often the case that men are in shorter supply,” she said.

The NZ dating scene has generally seen a more or less balance of men-to-women but in the one-to-one matchmaking that Matchcompany does there is generally a greater reluctance for men to come forward, Mrs Bowie said.

A recent YouTube video calls for men to come into the agency – the video is at this link here is offering free consultation with men who call or email at:

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