NZ Insurance Litigator Appointed to Top Insurance Law Group

Insurance litigator Jonathan Scragg on 'perfect storm'

Duncan Cotterill Partner and Insurance Litigator Jonathan Scragg Has Been Appointed to Global Insurance Group

Insurance litigator Jonathan Scragg on 'perfect storm'
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LawFuel  – Duncan Cotterill insurance lawyer Jonathan Scragg has become the first New Zealander to sit on the prestigious global association of insurance law group, Association Internationale de Droit des Assurances (AIDA), the  organisation that helps promote and develop knowledge about international insurance law issues.

A top insurance lawyer with Duncan Cotterill’s Wellington office, Mr Scragg has recently retired president of the New Zealand Insurance Law Association(NZILA).

In an exclusive interview with legal website LawFuel, he spoke about the development of litigation funders in the New Zealand market, saying it was  something insurance companies are watching closely because the insurers will be “on the receiving end of funded claims.”

Mr Scragg said that there is some nervousness in the insurance market where there could be a perception that some funders are simply out there looking for and potentially stirring up litigation to fund, as an investment opportunity.

He concedes however that funders have a role to play in the market with a particular focus area for many funders being the idenfification of potential class actions which without third party funding, may not otherwise find their way to Court.  

Mr Scragg says funded claims, and class actions, are a real growth area with New Zealand so far having  largely avoided some of the  some of the major systemic issues in the financial markets and elsewhere that have lead to class action claims overseas.

“I now think we are seeing a perfect storm for the insurance market in New Zealand: the potential for a significant increase in the number of litigated claims, and the size of those claims, due to the presence of litigation funders and people being more prepared to take action  in the Courts to pursue their rights, including through class actions.” major systemic issues in the financial markets and elsewhere that have lead to class action claims  overseas”

He also spoke about rising costs of professional indemnity insurance and otherkey issues facing lawyers and others in New Zealand
The full interview with Jonathan Scragg may be seen here.

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