NZ Law Jobs Scenes Sees Law Firms Get Creative Juices Flowing

NZ Law Jobs Scenes Sees Law Firms Get Creative Juices Flowing

The shortage of legal talent among major New Zealand law firms is seeing firms getting creative with their efforts to attract talent.

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New Zealand law firms are working harder to both recruit and keep their lawyers . . with new perks, higher bonuses, more leave and other attractions

Reports from the major centres show that the trend towards lateral movements, in-house opportunities and indeed out-of-law work opportunities is seeing the major law firms having to work up their creative juices to attract lawyers.

Among the offerings are the lifestyle and parental support options on offer which already include remote working opportunities for parents, but also focus now on medical, entertainment and leave allowances along with the familiar bonus and allowance opportunities that law firms traditionally provide.

The red hot law labour market has seen an increased trend for both intermediate and senior lawyers to make lateral moves (or be poached) and the need for firms to resist the movement has lead to the more creative efforts to prevent lawyer losses.

However COVID has also seen many lawyers evidently reassessing not only how they work, but where they work as well.

We will report more on the New Zealand law job trends as they continue to evolve.

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