NZ Law Tech News – Dragon Dictation Goes Mobile . . Big Time

NZ Law Tech News - Dragon Dictation Goes Mobile . . Big Time 2

The ability of new technology to increase the lawyers’ efficiency continues to expand along with the technology driven by new AI apps. 

But now, with the introduction into New Zealand of the Dragon ‘Anywhere’ app, there is a true ability for an increasingly mobile legal workforce to maintain and increase their productivity with the power of this ‘anywhere’ app.

Voice recognition technology is one of the most obvious efficiency drivers for lawyers and now the efficiencies have been increased with products like Philips voice recorder app, which permits high end editing functionality combined with the ability to easily handle urgent recording (including safe vehicle use).

Dragon Anywhere applies to both Android and iOS mobile devices and brings the top-end voice recognition technology to mobile devices to help service an increasingly mobile legal workforce.

For many years barristers, solicitors and others who have required dictation technology to increase productivity when out of the office have suffered something of a bugbear by way of erratic or less than ideal technology fraught with potential issues both at the tech and accuracy end of the scene.

The new cloud-based technology (it is transmitted via the cloud through 256-bit encryption) is the only mobile dictation solution that permits continuous dictation without time or length limits.

The increased power of the technology permits documents to not only be recorded, but also edited and shared via email or other tools like Dropbox or saved to apps like Evernote.

On The Go Lawyers

For the lawyer-on-the-run the flexibilty and power is unsurpassed in such mobile devices but there is also another key advantage for lawyers and others.

The technology permits synchronisation and a consisternt workflow with laptop or tablet devices and also with subscription rates that cover all devices, which of course includes the use of legal terms, te reo and any other recognition that the personalised system permits. This is no ‘soft’ version of the desktop edition, but a fully-powered, all-encompassing software that is a productivity tool par excellence that ties in perfectly with mobile devices like the Philips LFH7400 (below).

The Downloadable Recording App

NZ Law Tech News - Dragon Dictation Goes Mobile . . Big Time 3

The Philips LFH7400 Mobile Recording app integrates with Dragon to provide all the functionality that comes with Dragon’s desktop software, working with iOS and Android. The app can be downloaded at the link – and is also availble as a free 30 day trial for and then $180 per annum thereafter. One of the key advantages for lawyers and others who want to increase document turnaround time is the app’s powerful ability to create simple, one-touch recording for car use or elsewhere, combined with its ability to then edit and send recordings for document production.

About Dragon

Dragon Dictate provides cutting edge dictation ‘AI’ that leads the tech devices that perform smart dictation and editing.  Sound Business provide advice and services for those lawyers seeking more information, trials or advice on how best to deploy this powerful technology to enhance their practice.  Contact them at Sound Business.

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