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LawFuel – Briefcase Blog – John Bowie – If lawyers are logical beings then it seems to defy logic to understand why law school rolls should be increasing markedly both here and overseas when jobs are diminishing faster than the Antartic. The answer, presumably, is that people are taking refuge from the recession in law schools. The US has reported a national upswing in law school attendances and the same situation seems to prevail in the UK.

Here, the law schools report full rosters with both Otago and Victoria Universities reporting an almost ten per cent increase in enrolments, although of course not all first year registrants go on to complete law degrees. However, even second year registrations are generally up, by eight per cent in Otago’s case. There was less evidence of growth in Auckland, although their Part 2 course with 300 places had 862 applications this year, which is much the same as 2008’s figure.

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