NZ Solicitor General David Collins Faces Law Society Complaints

The solicitor General, Dr David Collins QC has been juggling three separate complaints
from parties, one of which is from maverick website pubisher Vince Siemer who
has written a condemnatory article about the Solicitor General and the complaints
on his website, in what he calls a “sordid melee”.

The Siemer complaint went to a so-called ‘case to answer’ hearing last Thursday.

The unrelated complaints, which are concern alleged legal misconduct now
and come before the Legal Complaints Review Officer, the new Crown position created by the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006.

Each of the complaints is an appeal of dismissals by the New Zealand Law Society. See the full article:David Collins Complaints.

Two of the three complaints contain evidence that Dr Collins committed a crime
as defined by s111-116 of the Crimes Act if charged and convicted.

Former MP Ian Ewen-Street and Horowhenua Councillor Anne Hunt also have
active complaints before the LCRO regarding Dr Collins.

The complaint of Ewen-Street concerns Collins demanding his partner
Sue Grey’s dismissal from her job at the Department of Conservation
because she sought to expose allegations of judicial misconduct by Supreme Court Justice Bill Wilson and which are now the subject of a high level enquiry by the office of the Judicial Conduct Commissioner, David Gascoigne.

See the full article:David Collins Complaints.

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