Obesity and weight management Conference

OMICS Publishing Group organizes international conferences and events across the world. It makes a platform for scientist’s innovators and industry leaders to share most valuable insights according with the latest developments.

Obesity is defined as an excess accumulation of body fat, and a complex multifactorial condition that has reached epidemic proportions. Obesity significantly increases our risk of developing life-threatening conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, heart stroke, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer. The most common causes are poor diet poor eating habits, and a sedentary lifestyle. OMICS Publishing Group organizes the obesity conference to discuss the newer concepts in the field of treating obese patients.

Obesity has become a worldwide epidemic, approximated to affect approximately 300 million people across the globe. In fact, obesity, which is the clinical term used to describe excess body fat, is now classified as a chronic condition, and OMICS Publishing Group has a dedicated journal for this subject area. The most frequently used measure of obesity is the objective measure of Body Mass Index (BMI). Individuals with a BMI of range from 25 to 29.9kg/m2 are considered as overweight while a BMI greater than 30kg/m2 are considered obese. Obesity is difficult to cure and has a high relapse rate, and thus the latest techniques by several medical experts who are invited by OMICS Publishing Group. The relevant findings are shared at the conference and are being implemented to fight obesity. Although obesity is easily diagnosed and its treatment could not seem more straightforward, behavioral adjustment techniques that yield positive results were discussed at OMICS Group’s Obesity Conference 2012.

Obesity and weight loss programs continue to be a leading focus of many consumer health agencies and medical facilities, and most of those are represented at OMICS Group Conference on Obesity by the participation of delegates. The major focal areas with regard to research on obesity shared by experts at the OMICS Group Conference on Obesity include identification of weight loss correlation factors and comparison of several forms of therapies for identifying the most effective one. According to recent studies, high fiber diets contribute directly to weight reduction and help in controlling obesity.

Several deliberations and discussions held at OMICS Group Conference of Obesity include customized weight control plans including weight loss techniques, dietary programs, exercise programs and behavior modification as well as supporting groups and educational lectures, which are aligned with the activities of OMICS Publishing Group as a scientific organization. Obesity and Weight Management offered by primary health care covers all the aspects of obesity that have also been discussed by the delegates at the OMICS conference on obesity 2012.

The relationship between consuming food and weight control could be examined based on several factors like the quality of food served and the socio-economic conditions that affect nutrition. When lifestyle treatments and medicinal therapies fail, bariatric surgery is recommended for reducing the risk of co-morbidities. The OMICS Group conference on obesity was split into several tracks and themes by OMICS Publishing Group and each of these was addressed by concerned experts in the relevant field.

Weight reduction medications work in several ways, either stimulating the neurological system or by controlling appetite. Most diet programs rely on workouts and dieting which are most certainly the cornerstones of body weight control. Dieticians and health-care experts are invited at the OMICS Publishing Group Obesity conference to share the findings based on the latest research in the concerned domain.For more information you can visit website http://omicspublishinggroup.org.

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