“Occupy Wall Street” Arrests Will Have First Amendment Lawyers Salivating

Lawfuel.com – First Amendment attorneys are relishing the opportunity to test the law with the “Occupy Wall Street Movement”, which is spreading well beyond Wall Street to many American cities. The main issue for the lawyers is the rights of the protesters, notwithstanding the vagueness of their demands, and the ability of the police to break up their various assembly points and protests.

The First Amendment provides for the “right of the people peaceably to assemble” and the question is whether the protests remain “peaceful” or not.

The police have to determine when any protest becomes disruptive such that it invokes or requires police action.

Police often have to make instant decisions on occasions like these and it is such a turn of events that has many first amendment lawyers salivating over the chance to represent “Occupy Wall Street” protesters and advance their First Amendment arguments.

Just how long it takes for “Occupy Wall Street” issues to arise is probably only a question of time.

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