Off Duty Sheriff Intended To Patch Up Relationship

LAWFUEL – The off-duty sheriff’s deputy who shot six people at a pizza party told a friend he had gone to his ex-girlfriend’s house hoping to patch up their relationship, the Washington Post reports.

Tyler Peterson, 20, lost control when they got into an argument and her friends began calling him a “worthless pig,” Mike Kegley told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Police declined to provide details of the argument that preceded the shooting but said Peterson had stormed out of the party, retrieved an AR-15 rifle from his vehicle and burst back into the house firing 30 shots.

All but one of the people at the party were killed.

“We had no idea, obviously, that anything like this would ever occur,” Crandon Police Chief John Dennee told reporters Monday.

Peterson, a deputy and part-time Crandon police officer, later died after what authorities said was an exchange of gunfire with law enforcement officers. It was unclear whether Peterson was shot by police, took his own life or was wounded and then shot himself.

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