Oligarch Who Initiated Defamation Proceedings Against LawFuel Publisher Dies

Oligarch Who Initiated Defamation Proceedings Against LawFuel Publisher Dies

The Russian oligarch who commenced defamation proceedings against LawFuel publisher John Bowie died earlier this year. The proceeding between the parties was settled last year.

The death has been reported some months ago through various news sources, including the state-owned media organisation RT News.

It was also reported in other media including The Telegraph, The New York Post, The Sun, The Mirror, International Business Times and elsewhere.

Sergey Grishin had commenced preliminary filings for discovery prior to commencing defamation action through Simpson Grierson (J Baigent/W Akel). New Zealand High Court hearings saw Justice David Gendall award substantial costs in favour of the Applicant, notwithstanding that he was a non-resident who had yet to file his substantive proceeding.

Grishin then lived in California, where he had sold his home to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

LawFuel reported some details regarding the claim including important issues relating to access to justice for self-represented litigants in New Zealand and other issues affecting the media.

Several inquiries from LawFuel readers have requested updated information regarding the claim both before and subsequent to Grishin’s death.

Grishin’s death was first reported in March. LawFuel was unaware of his demise until advised of such by a London barrister linked to the Daily Mail.

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