Online Marketers Succeed with Facebook Promotions by Get Social Traffic

Sarasota, Florida (March 12, 2012) – A growing number of online marketers have seen the amazing benefits of availing Facebook Promotions by Get Social Traffic. According to the very satisfied clients, they never really thought that harnessing the social media can greatly and positively impact their online marketing businesses. The results, however, are very tangible as these have been converted into actual sales. Because of this, Get Social Traffic has also seen an increasing number of requests for such services. According to the company’s top executives, this only proves that the company’s services are effective in increasing website traffic which, for online marketing businesses, is the determinant for success.

The foundation behind the success of Facebook Promotion is the well-organized marketing teams that Get Social Traffic has established in many countries around the world. Already in their hundreds, these teams work around the clock to promote a client’s website or web page in the most effective manner. The teams have also created their own force multipliers by the taking advantage of friends who also have friends and so on and so forth. Linkages like these have been proven to boost site traffic to great heights. Apparently, this is taking advantage of a Facebook feature and then maximizing it to the fullest and benefiting the online marketer and his business.

Get Social Traffic also guarantees its clients that whatever traffic it creates from Facebook Promotions are targeted. This is made possible by a process called geo-location targeting. If the client’s business has a scope limited to North America, Get Social Traffic marketing teams based in the region would then go to work and work on the target. The company claims that its geo-location targeting is accurate by 70 percent. This means that it is possible that 30 percent of the fans for the clients Facebook page may come from other parts of the globe. At the moment though, Get Social Traffic is still focused on the United States and Canada only.

One particular feature that has attracted many online marketers to avail of the Facebook Promotions service of Get Social Traffic is that it is relatively cheaper. Other similar companies charge their clients for every invite or suggestion sent to potential fans. Get Social Traffic believes that this is actually asking payment for something that does not guarantee returns. What this company does though is to charge clients only for the actual number of people who become fans of the page set up in Facebook. Because of this, many clients who want to make the most of every dollar they spend for marketing have found Get Social Traffic’s Facebook Promotion as the better choice.

Get Social Traffic assures its clients that they are still able to maintain their privacy despite having a hugely popular Facebook fan page as a result of its promotion. This is because the company does not in any way use the client’s private Facebook account. It ensures that business and the client’s private use of the social media do not tangle at any instance of the promotion.

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