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24 Hour HAZWOPER Training Course offers organizations seeking online safety training course to train their employees to open a corporate account. Opening the corporate charge account is easy. All you need is visit our site and fill out the required information online and submit it.

The online corporate account is a simple charge account and once you complete the online form and get it approved, you will receive a corporate billing code that you have to use to get the access of ordering the HAZWOPER safety training courses. You can use the billing code, complete the order and get the amount added to the monthly bill.

Some of the key advantages you will receive are:

Discounted rates are also offered to those who open the account with us. The group discount however will be based on the number of HAZWOPER training courses purchased. We have posted the discount details on our website, which you can take a look by visiting.
Using the unique billing code, your employees will be able to register for our HAZWOPER courses or may simply register by you.
Through the code, all payments taken by trainees will be paid by the company under which the account is opened.

24 Hour HAZWOPER Training Course is a leader when it comes to providing HAZWOPER training programs. We have earned a strong reputation in the industry for our high quality OSHA HAZWOPER training and the interactive courses.

This corporate account is an opportunity for us to increase the potency of our service and a way to make our customers enjoy the services we offer.

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