Ottawa’s largest sport fitness training facility launches its new website

Ottawa, Ontario, November, 10, 2010 – Lorne Goldenberg, President and Director of one of the largest sports and fitness training facilities in the city of Ottawa, Ontario, the Athletic Conditioning Center, announces the launch of its new website featuring a new navigation layout that provides an easier and faster user experience, cross browser compatibility interface, access to free fitness training videos and leading edge fitness tips from certified professionals along with more detailed information on professional athletic conditioning coaching and recreational fitness programs.

The new website provides online visitors an easy-to-navigate detailed overview of all its physical training and fitness programs offered in the facility, along with more information about the staff, discounts and promotions and the latest news in the fitness community. Visitors can check out the various training programs available and the interested parties can fill out an online registration form that facilitates the registration process allowing visitors to save time to enroll in the classes and programs of their choices.

Featured in the website are the innovative training programs and the team testing and training programs. The group training program provides participants the flexibility to customize their workout routine in order to reach their individual goals. Some of the programs include a pre and post assessment component to evaluate the outcome and performance of individual athletes in a variety of training sessions each week, followed by a nutrition plan provided by certified nutritionists and offered trough an online tool exclusive to the athletes and participants of the training groups.

For the athletes and participants enrolled, the facility offers access to certified coaches who are there to guide every step of the way. The team testing and training program is divided into two programs for the hockey pre and the in-season training program. The pre season testing and training program provides insights into the physical strengths and weaknesses of each player. Both coaches and individual players receive report sheets about their performance. The in-season training program is geared to correct and enhance the individual player’s performance and as a team in general. The entire team-training program is also an excellent program for corporate team building activities.

About the Athletic Conditioning Center in Ottawa
The Athletic Conditioning Center, commonly known as the Ottawa’s ACC, is a highly specialized training facility located inside the Superdome at the Ben Franklin’s Park. The ACC has an unique pressurized environment inside the Superdome, and it’s one of the few training facilities in Canada that have complete sport specific equipments, like the Olympic style lifting, ground based strength training, multiple pulley systems, vibrating platforms and plyometric equipment. These equipments are perfect for core strength training, strength exercises, goalie training, dry land hockey training, women weight lifting, strength training exercises, weight training workouts and many more.

Making its debut in May 1999, the ACC opens up an opportunity for young athletes to boost their physical conditioning in a setting that provides positive results to the athlete’s development and enhanced performance programs to athletes and group or individual personal training programs for the non competitive enthusiasts.
Some of the training programs offered at the ACC are strength training, Olympic style weight-lifting, off-ice hockey training, personal fitness training, weight loss training, physical fitness, body weight training group fitness training and circuit training. For individual or groups, for athletes or sports enthusiasts and groups, the Ottawa’s premium fitness training facility has a program that fits your profile and that will help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

The founder of the ACC, Lorne Goldenberg, is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He is also a Certified Exercise Physiologist (CEP) through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology. Mr. Goldenberg brings to the ACC an impressive resume and more than 25 years of coaching and training experience with professional NHL teams and a number of world famous athletes. To learn more about the ACC and all the programs offered, please visit our new Strength Training website or call us now at (613) 225-2806.

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