Our Paris Pick: Hotel Saint-Paul Rive-Gauche

Our Paris Pick: Hotel Saint-Paul Rive-Gauche 1

“Chic” . . One word for this beautiful hotel


Surely one of the best things that can be said about arriving in a ‘strange city’, by which I mean a city that is not your own, is to have the sense that you’re ‘coming home.

If you’re into chrome-and-glass acreages of foyer and uniformed-and-trained reception, then this is not for you.  No, St. Paul has a homeliness and quaint chic quality that is for the truly tasteful, seeking a soupcon what Paris is really about.

Having stayed at the quaint and lovable Hotel Saint-Paul Rive Gauche in Paris on several occasions it  truly has become a home-coming. Even the same lovely lady on reception and of course the family-owned hotel focuses on both its quality and elegant beauty, as it does on its friendliness and hospitality.

This becomes even more important when you have been moved aside in a brusque manner by the gendarmerie 
working to contend with the Mouvement des gilets jaunes some distance away.

Tastefully renovated throughout in 2015, the hotel The Saint Paul Rive Gauche, once known as the ‘hotel du Reservoire’ because of the well located in the current
breakfast room, provided water for the neighbourhood. During the Second World War it was a shelter, now provided in a more elegant manner that takes full account of its other major atrtraction: it’s location close to but not destroyed by the bustle of the best of Paris..

Saint Paul sits near the magnificent Luxembourg gardens and provides easy walking access to anything and everything you could want in Paris: the Sorbonne, the (oh, dear,  badly damaged Notre-Dame), the Pantheon, Cluny museum, Louvre and the magnificence too of St Germaine with its unrivaled shopping,  cafes and all those words that only the French can offer up: ambience, soigne, chic, couture . . oh, dear let’s not run into even cliches.

Let’s just say  that when in Paris, do what the best visitors do, and enjoy its charms from the beating breast of one of its most chic and comforting residences, the Saint Paul Rive Gauche.

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