As a company the managers and employees of APlusA.org.uk have agreed that going green is very important to us. We believe that it is every person’s responsibility to help the planet live as long as possible. We think that we are responsible to those that come after us. This is why APlusA.org.uk has replaced all of the furniture in the whole building with new ecologically friendly furniture. Our new furniture will leave less of a carbon footprint on the world and it is better for our health while we are here. All of the employees of APlusA.org.uk are invested in going green, we take the bus to work or walk whenever possible and we use recycled paper. There are a number of measures being taken in order to make our business ecologically harmless.
“If you want things to change you must do something to change them,” is a quote that the CEO uses to encourage all of us in our efforts to become environmentally friendly. Our new furniture is only a small portion of what APlusA.org.uk has done towards becoming a green company.
APlusA.org.uk has made many changes over the last several months in its effort to become ecologically harmless. We have changed to recycled paper, we have gotten new computers, and we even use as many ecologically friendly office products as possible. All of the employees at APlusA.org.uk have worked together to shift the way we think and do things as a group. The changes we have made have brought us closer and helped us get to know each other better as well.
To find out about all the changes we have made and new changes to come visit us at our website http://aplusa.org.uk, or feel free to call our customer support service at any time.
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