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At OvernightEssay.com we really are trying to create the best possible custom written papers in the industry and to achieve this goal we thought we would try something a little unconventional. What we did was hold a press conference that was led by OvernightEssay.com editors and support staff. We invited those customers that lived in the area and those who agreed to travel to us and we discussed how to best write a custom paper. Some of the points that the support staff made to our customers included the need for accurate and complete information on what the custom paper must have. Another area that will sometimes give our writer’s trouble and cost the customer time is when a writer cannot access the proper files to write the paper with. Still another area that can be improved upon is making sure that contact information is up to date and that a customer is available if the writing team needs to ask a question. Since we had the customer’s together we felt this was the perfect time to have them express their concerns and answer their questions. The whole affair was a learning experience for all involved.
In order for customers to receive a custom paper that meets the specifications of their assignment they have some responsibilities. OvernightEssay.com brought together some our customers that were close to us and discussed this issue with them Our editors and support staff went over some issues that they see on a regular basis that prevent a customer from receiving the paper they had envisioned. While the customers were gathered we took the time to get their feedback and this was an eye opening occurrence for us too.
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