OvernightEssay.com Teaches its Custom Writers to Play Chess

They say that a sound body features a sound mind. This is a key thesis of OvernightEssay.com treatment of its workers. While being completely sure that famous proverb is true, the company management has decided to turn this wording over and see what will happen. It appeared that while granting vacations and membership cards from gyms to its workers, the company management has forgotten to encourage mental training of its custom writers. Thus, to redress this error, OvernightEssay.com has decided to hold an event the company has never seen before – a chess tournament.
Initially, not all of the company’s workers welcomed this idea since not all of them were familiar with chess. Yet, the administration was able to convince the hesitant ones that it is participation and fun that matters. Therefore, two teams were quickly formed: one consisting of writers and another one of the quality assurance department.

Several weeks of training preceded the event until, eventually, two “natural enemies” faced each other in a quiet but nevertheless reckless battle. Ironically enough, just as the final word usually rests with the editors of quality assurance so it was this time.
You can find more detailed information on the company events and services at the overnightessay.com website or through the customer support center.
OvernightEssay.com is a custom writing service that specializes in the most time pressuring and demanding academic assignments. After several years of constant self-improvement OvernightEssay.com was able to form a stable team of highly efficient and professional writers and editors who can help with any type of academic assignment meeting the harshest deadlines.

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