Panels And Pipes Starts New Spiral Pipe Fabrication Division In Alberta

Spiral pipe is greatly preferred these days because they have an ability to withstand years of wear and tear. Moreover, these pipes are

quite economical and can be used for various applications. A number of spiral pipe fabrication services are available in the market but only some pipe fabrication services offer project layout including project

protection and budget planning facilities.

Panels and Pipes based in Timmins, Ontario Canada was established by Jean-Paul Legault in 1999. The company specializes in pipe fabrication. Depending on project needs, the company fabricates and ships

pipes and also assists in project preparations, system layout and budget planning. Spiral pipe fabrication service offered by Panels and Pipes is different than the companies in same profession in various aspects

including efficiency and ability of the company in handling commercial and industrial sized projects. The company provides services all across North America.

Panels and Pipes is known for its expert fabrication crew that is determined to live up to its reputation. The team is known for delivering pipe fabrication and spiral pipe fabrication services in shortest periods

making sure that their services stay within the client’s budget. The company provides major structural grade steel pipe supplies. Custom length spiral pipes and assemblies can be fabricated for both commercial

and industrial projects.

Given below are some services offered by Panels and Pipes:

• Metal Pipe Fabrication
• Spiral pipe fabrication
• Piping sizes from ½” to 48″
• QA – QC – Registered Fabrication Shop
• Full documentation sent out with piping
• Pipe tested and registered
• Pipe prime and painted
• Welders and pipefitters certified

Panels and Pipes are among the contemporary leaders in the mechanical industry in North America because of their goal-oriented approach and unparalleled abilities that the firm possesses in construction

services. The company has a well-designed 400sq foot fabrication shop. This fully automated shop provides assistance and services to customers in Canada and the United States. The company focuses on

installation, maintenance and provides high-quality building services. It also gives technical solutions that meet individual project specifications.

After its immense success in the Ontario division, Panels and Pipes has opened a brand-new division in Alberta. The division has more than 200 tradesmen who dedicatedly offer services of best quality

standards. Driven by excellence, these tradesmen are determined to provide best materials and mechanical services at a highly competitive price. The company consistently aims to meet their customer’s

demands, and also seeks to contribute to the country’s economic growth.

Panels & Pipes expert fabrication crew has a reputation for delivering pipe fabrication and spiral pipe fabrication services in a timely

manner while staying within the clients budget. For more information on the company and its services, visit

Panels & Pipes
Address: 124 Third Avenue
Timmins, Ontario P4N 1C5
Phone Number: 1-705-264-8245

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