Panther Cards Presents “Money Travel Card”

Panther Cards now delivers also the “Money travel card”! Millions of Euro’s will be wasted this year as travellers lose out to banks and exchange bureaus fees and commissions regarding exchange of currencies. There is an alternative and it will save you money!

Panther cards “Travel money card” offer travellers a great new way to spend abroad. Whether it’s for business, travel or purchasing online in a different currency. Accepted globally, they offer value, convenience and security.

Like prepaid card, you ‘top-up’ by loading it with funds in the required currency. You will benefit from a significantly lower exchange rate that most traditional bureaux de change companies, and because this rate is ‘fixed’, you’ll know how much everything costs. They are a safer alternative to carrying cash when travelling, as the card can be cancelled if lost or stolen and the issuer will send you a replacement, wherever you are.

The Panthercards “Travel money card” (only available in Euro) allows travellers to pre buy their travel cash when the rate is strong and spend it free of the exchange fees normally incurred when using cards abroad.
Holiday shoppers can often lose much of the exchange rate benefit through hidden fees, transaction and commission charges imposed by their bank or card company.

You Can Now Order Your Card Online At Www.Panthercards.Com

For Who?:

☛ Business Travelers visiting Euro region
☛ Persons who go on holiday, visiting Euro region


☛Avoid exchange rates and exchange commisions.
☛Industry experts estimate total loses at around Euro 500m a year.
☛No credits checks, each card has his own card account.


Panther Cards offers a variety of high secured card products, like personalized debit card, anonymous debit card and our money travel card.

Every card will have its own card account, this card account you can manage through internet connection. There are several ways to load your card, you can use over 27 million locations world wide.

Panther Cards offers to business operators B2B card solutions, please visit our website for more information.

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