Paris At A Glance

Paris is a city to fall in love with. The exuberant French culture and heritage and the beautiful buildings and bridges add up to the beauty of the city. The city of Paris has something magical in it that makes the tourists to fall in love with this city immediately.

Paris has a lot to offers to its visitors. A limited time or a brief stay deprives the visitors to have the view of the some of the most exotic places of the world. You need to know certain highlights about this exuberant, full of life city so that you may not miss something on this city for which you have to repent later in your life.
The famous landmarks of the city of Paris are the Champs-Elysées, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Notre Dame, Palace of Versailles, including the Great Royal Apartments, Hall of Mirrors, and the Queen’s Apartments. If you are short on time or limited on budget, here is an overview of some of the things not to be missed out in this city.

With Paris comes the name of the Eiffel tower. Reaching to the top and having a bird’s eye view of the entire city is an enthralling experience but reaching to the top might be a tiresome task with huge lines of people waiting for the lifts. It is said that there is no better way to see Paris except through the paris barge or a Paris boat. There are numerous paris boats and barges with options of dinner cruising and beautiful sight seeing. The sunset is said to be the best time for cruising. The Barge Paris has various timing in which they ply to the different routes of the city. These floating homes or Paris barges provide panoramic views in addition to fulfilling the role of the hotels or a restaurant. The Barge Paris also serves their customer well by providing complimentary pick and drop facility as well as some complimentary welcome packages. Some dinner cruises also provide the options of breakfast, dinner, and refreshments and cocktails.

Apart from the magnificent experience of the water ride, Paris has something more to offer in the category of travel. Paris open double Decker buses provide an unobstructed view of the entire city. In this way you can have the glimpse of the entire city in just a small amount of time. The Decker allows you travel at your own freedom allowing where you like to hop on and off.

If we have a glance into the historical and culturally rich side of France, then there are many places to marvel at. ‘Les Invalides’ is one of them. It is the Napoleons tomb built in the 1967. Other members of the napoleon family are also buried here. The whole tomb is beautifully built with glorious domes and interior. The Louvre is also among that site which is a must seen in the tourist list. It is the world largest art museum with a display of 35,000 best art pieces of the world as is therefore a must see.

This is just a glimpse of the Paris city. Otherwise it is so huge and rich that one needs to have a long stay to see the blessings of this wonderful city. For more visit

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