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Serious injury can greatly alter a person’s mobility. Often times, an injured individual in a wheelchair may wonder what his or her quality of life will be like. According to the University of California Disability Statistics Center, over 1.5 million Americans use wheelchairs, experiencing reduced activity and employment limitations.

Nancy Cotterill understands the many issues that wheelchair users face. Now she is the founder of People On Wheels, a resourceful website that provides news, information and support specifically intended for the wheelchair community. Prior to founding the site, Nancy was a writer and editor when her spouse Jim became paralyzed due to a spinal injury. As Nancy served as Jim’s caretaker, she wanted to help not only her husband but other people who faced challenges in wheelchairs.

One feature on the site, “Big Wheels,” highlights the accomplishments of individuals in wheelchairs, including Marilyn Hamilton, a California woman who was injured in a hang-gliding accident and went on to become an award-winning paralympian. Other features include links to helpful books, wheelchair-friendly travel destinations and more.

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