Personal Injury Attorney Law And The problem with lawyer ranking and rating sites – McIver Brown – LawFuel the Personal injury attorney law news site – According to the World Bank, 78.1 percent of people in the United States use the internet. So it seems obvious that people would turn to the internet to shop for their potential personal injury lawyer.
And so it is. In fact, 93% percent of the 228 million adult internet users are using online search engines to learn about local services, law services being one of them. This large audience, however, has given rise to a questionable cottage industry which is dominating the legal marketing world… Lawyer Rankings Sites.

What are Lawyer Rankings Sites?
In the last 10 years, lawyer ranking sites have picked up in popularity. Essentially, lawyer ranking sites list the “most qualified” lawyers based on “objective” qualifications, such as win/loss record, educational background, client experiences, etc. These sites are considered to be a trusted resource for both those in the legal profession and those seeking legal services. Not commonly known, lawyer ranking sites falsely represent themselves as an educational resource when in fact they are motivated solely by profit.

The Problem
Though there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of ranking sites. We have individually analyzed perhaps the three most prominent lawyer ranking websites below. Without exception we conclude that the methodology used is suspect, riddled with conflicts of interest, and that the personal injury attorney ratings they find are largely useless.

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