Personalized Instant Shopping Uses Text Messaging for Shopping on the Go

If you are a die-hard shopaholic always looking out for the best deals, ReplyBuy offers personalized instant shopping on popular products and services. Offering discounts up to 90% on each deal, ReplyBuy text-messages details about new deals to its members as soon as it becomes available; you can make the purchase through your mobile phone by simply replying to the text. The quantities are limited: each deal is available for only 24 hours or less.

The procedure of mobile shopping is very simple and convenient. The ReplyBuy system can be customized by each member to receive only offers that suit their particular interests. ReplyBuy deals are sent to your cell phone and can be purchased from anywhere at any time, even when you are not carrying your wallet or credit card. You do not have to have access to the Internet nor do you have to make any payment in advance.

The process is 100% secure. Each registered buyer is assigned a four digit PIN which is mandatory to complete a transaction. Information about billing and shipping details are sent through the site and never via SMS, making the process completely safe and protected.

Hugely discounted products from prominent organizations such as HBO, NBC, History Channel, 20th Century Fox and Discovery Channel that include their DVDs and hit television episodes, have been bought by customers in the past at unbelievable prices.

While there are similar services offered by others, their reach is limited to only smartphone users as such offers are sent via email. By using SMS text messaging, ReplyBuy is able to offer this great price advantage to a much larger market. Now, even if you have an ordinary cell phone with limited features, you can enjoy the advantages of personalized instant shopping.

Expert e-commerce veteran Joshua Manley is the driving force behind this extraordinary venture. He is supported by talented professionals from fields such as investments and online media in making this unique concept a roaring success. The idea is akin to having a mobile coupon and your own dedicated tip-off system, informing you about great deals, as soon as they are announced.

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