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Report Summray
Thanks to increasing demand from domestic market and great demand from overseas, Chinese pinene industry developed fast in the past few years. However, greatly impacted by weather disasters, infestations, planting of fast-growing trees, etc. in the past two years, the outputs of gum rosin and gum turpentine have dropped. CCM will figure out whether the decreased gum turpentine will have negative impact on the production of pinene. Besides, the performance of pinene production in 2009 and in the next 5~10 years will be presented in this report.
Nowadays, domestic pinene consumption keeps increasing and the degree of dependence on foreign trade has decreased. In this report, the export situation of pinene (á-pinene and â-pinene) in 2009 and destinations and exporters in 2009 which is different from those before 2005 will be analyzed.
In China, á-pinene is mainly applied in synthetic camphor, synthetic borneol, and all kinds of synthetic perfume. â-pinene is mainly applied to synthesized flavors and polymerized terpene resin. In this report, you will find market shares of these two kinds of pinene in 2009 as well as their difference from those in 2006.
Besides the points above, CCM will also provide you an insightful analysis on the following aspects:
Prices of á-pinene and â-pinene in the past and currently
Supply situation of all pinene producers
Introduction to major derivatives of á-pinene
Introduction to major derivatives of â-pinene
Raw material supply for á-pinene and â-pinene
Key influencing factors for the development of á-pinene and â-pinene industry in China
Forecast on production, export and consumption of á-pinene and â-pinene in next 5-10 years in China
Detailed introduction to all active and stopped pinene producers in China

Table Of contents

Executive summary
Methodology & sources

I Production and market information

I-1 Production of alpha/beta-pinene in past years
I-2 Price of alpha/beta-pinene in past years
I-2.1 Price in past years
I-2.2 Current price

I-3 Supply of alpha/beta-pinene in China

I-3.1 Pinene output in past years
I-3.2 Supply situation of active producers

I-4 Import & export analysis of alpha/beta-pinene

I-4.1 IE analysis of pinene in 2002~Aug. 2007
I-4.1.1 Alpha-pinene
I-4.1.2 Beta-pinene

I-4.2 IE analysis of pinene in 2009

I-5 Consumption pattern of alpha/beta-pinene in China

I-5.1 Alpha-pinene
I-5.1.1 Market size and market share of alpha-pinene
I-5.1.2 Brief introduction to major derivatives of alpha-pinene

I-5.2 Beta-pinene

I-5.2.1 Market size and market share of beta-pinene
I-5.2.2 Brief introduction major derivatives of beta-pinene

I-6 Brief introduction to raw material supply of alpha/beta-pinene

I-7 Influencing factors for the development of alpha/beta-pinene industry in China

I-8 Future forecast on alpha/beta-pinene in next 5-10 years

I-9 Conclusion

II Profile of pinene producers

II-1 Introduction to 21 active pinene producers
II-1.1 Guangdong Zhaoqing Zhongbang Chemicals Co., Ltd.
II-1.2 Fujian Sunny Rosin Co., Ltd.
II-1.3 Guangxi Wuzhou Pine Chemicals Ltd.
II-1.21 Yunnan Pu’er Linyuan Flavor Co., Ltd.

II-2 Introduction to 3 stopped pinene producers

II-2.1 Jiangxi Ganzhou Taipu Chemical Co., Ltd.
II-2.2 Yunnan Jinggu Forestry Co., Ltd.
II-2.3 Yunnan Kunming Indigiri Forest Chemicals Co., Ltd.

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