Proud Day at Early Beneficiary of Tuition Subsidy Just Awarded Second Master’s has always encouraged its writers to broaden their horizons with additional coursework, at our expense. For years, folks have taken advantage of this, but none more dramatically than a young colleague who just received his second Master’s degree. We are very proud of him, and pleased with the long-term success of our tuition reimbursement program.

This young man, who joined our staff immediately after graduation, initially set out to acquire a degree in History. He was the first staffer to take advantage of’s newly implemented tuition subsidy. Having achieved this goal, he took on a completely different field, Sociology. He just ‘switched his tassel’ upon receipt of this diploma as well. believes in our writers, and makes every effort to enhance their professional and personal development. Tuition subsidies are but one of these initiatives. We find that the increased expertise and wider vision which additional education provides can directly enhance the quality of research and writing.

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Our team of writing professionals reflects the company’s commitment to excellence. Drawn from a huge range of professions, and backgrounds, these researchers, editors and writers are ready to help you with all your writing projects. If you are unsure how to proceed with an assignment, or need a second set of eyes to review and edit your work, we have the staff who can assist you. If you are not confident of your language skills, or unsure about citations and bibliographies, you can get guidance and direction, and personal attention, from our writers. We are prepared to assist with any type of writing: essays, articles, oral presentations, assessments, resumes, dissertations, theses, letters, proposals, and the full range of genres.

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