Rasansky Law Firm Announces Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Dallas Hospital

Mother bled to death following childbirth at Methodist Dallas Medical Center

DALLAS – LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire – Attorneys from Dallas’ Rasansky Law Firm have filed a lawsuit against a local physician and a major Dallas hospital where a 30-year old Arlington woman died after giving birth to her fourth child.

According to the complaint filed yesterday in Dallas state district court, Dora Grado underwent a scheduled Caesarian delivery at Methodist Dallas Medical Center on Aug. 22, 2006. Doctors successfully delivered her fourth child, Nathan Grado, but then things went tragically wrong.

Although Mrs. Grado had a well-documented prenatal history that noted the possibility of medical complications, those records allegedly were not transferred to the hospital or reviewed by the physicians performing the surgery. Mrs. Grado began hemorrhaging, and because the prenatal records were not acquired, the hospital and physician were not prepared for this otherwise treatable complication. Despite an eventual emergency hysterectomy and other efforts to control the excessive bleeding, Mrs. Grado died the following day.

Attorneys Jeff Rasansky and Robert Wolf of the Rasansky Law Firm are representing Dora Grado’s husband Francisco and the couple’s four children in the negligence claim against the hospital and Mrs. Grado’s obstetrician, Dr. Hector Chapa. The family is seeking unspecified damages.

“Dora Grado did not have to die,” says Jeff Rasansky, lead counsel for the family. “Had better procedures been in place, had reasonable preparations been made, had expected precautions been taken, a loving mother and wife would be alive today.”

Mr. Rasansky says that Mrs. Grado’s medical records revealed a number of risk factors, including the likelihood of a relatively common condition in which the placenta may be attached too firmly to the uterine wall or even to surrounding organs.

“The hospital and Mrs. Grado’s doctors simply ignored the reports that were readily available, and there apparently are not sufficient safeguards in place to assure that doctors are aware of possible complications,” Mr. Rasansky says. “It’s simply tragic that this happened.”

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