4 Factor When Choosing The Right ‘Real Estate Lawyer Near Me’

4 Factor When Choosing The Right 'Real Estate Lawyer Near Me' 2

Purchasing a house is one of the most significant transactions in anyone’s life and one of the most popular online searches when it comes to finding the right real estate lawyer is searching for a ‘real estate lawyer near me’.

However, when it comes to choosing that real estate lawyer, what are the factors you need to take into account to ensure you are actually finding a real estate attorney who IS right for you rather than simply one that is handily located (a useful factor, to be sure, but by no means the only one).

When we talk ‘real estate’ we are talking about a very wide range of properties and although residential house property is the most common property purchase most people are looking at, the fact is you need to make sure you are actually using a real estate attorney who is experienced in that area of property.

Remember that just being a ‘real estate lawyer’ does not make you an expert or a good lawyer.

There is a lot more to it and having a lawyer actually with knowledge and experienced in the sort of real estate you are buying is one of the critical factors in determining who you should use.

So what are the steps to finding the best ‘real estate lawyer near me’?

1. Do Your Real Estate Lawyer Research

Don’t hesitate to check reviews online. Look at their website, social media and read reviews. By reviewing other people’s experiences with a particular lawyer, you can judge whether they might be the right fit for you. 

And that leads to the other key factor which is word-of-mouth.  Ask around.  Find out who is using what lawyer and how good they are.

Remember that local knowledge is extremely important.  There are different planning and purchase requirements and rules, different lending issues and town planning questions.  There are a host of issues affecting real estate law.

In Ontario, where we practice as a  real estate lawyer, we have lawyers who are qualified to practice in Ontario just as real estate lawyers in other jurisdictions in Canada or the United States can be licensed for their province or state, but not beyond.  Different jurisdictions have different rules and requirements so ensure that you are dealing with someone well experienced with the precise jurisdiction you are purchasing your property in.

The local bar association will be able to provide you with a list of real estate lawyers also and using these resources lets yo check the reviews and widen your scope so that you can choose someone in your location (‘a real estate agent near me’ being your search criteria) but also one that is – much more importantly – competent and experienced to handle the real estate transaction you are seeking to conclude.   

Real Estate Law Experience Matters

In addition to wanting an experienced lawyer, you want to look specifically for an experienced real estate lawyer. Lawyers are not experts in all fields. Even if you know someone who practices law, it’s important to find a dedicated real estate lawyer so they will be able to provide the proper guidance and advice during your transaction.

It is surprising (and risky) for lawyers to provide ‘out of state/province’ real estate advice, but it happens and you should make sure you are dealing with someone who both knows property and knows your locality.

Speedbumps and roadblocks of all kinds often appear during a real estate transaction. You want a lawyer you can rely on who has seen these difficulties in real estate transactions, successfully identified the problems and resolved them.

If you are buying from an insolvency, dispossession, bankruptcy or some other commercial arrangement you will need a lawyer with experience in that matter so that you get the very best advice based on solid experience in the legal arena.

Real Estate Knowledge and Communication

When it comes to real estate law, knowledge can be the difference between getting a transaction completed properly and efficiently or getting a lot of headaches. Your real estate lawyer should be able to walk you through your real estate transaction from beginning to end. 

The nature of a real estate deal includes includes a wide variety of legal jobs such as drafting and title issues, liens and agreements, and move of deeds and titles. The lawyers can also assist landowners with consistent rental applications and rent arrangements.

You lawyer will need to know about the process of title examination and be able to review and research all the relevant zoning laws.

There is much to be done and it requires both good knowledge of the particular legal requirements and good communication skills so there are no surprises for you.

Everyone wants the people they’re working with to be knowledgeable, but equally important is communication. Having a real estate lawyer who can answer your questions professionally and is willing and able to explain things so you can understand is crucial. You also want a lawyer who is proactive about keeping you informed and giving you timely updates.

Pick The Right Real Estate Lawyer For You (as well as near you)

Selecting the right real estate attorney will go a long way to ensuring that your house buying or selling process is a smooth one. The right lawyer can reduce the stress of the deal by ensuring your documents are in order, and all the necessary paperwork is done according to the law. It’s important to feel comfortable enough to be able to reach out to them with questions and to ensure they are properly informing you of what is happening with your transaction.

From when you initially connect to after the completion of your transaction, the service you receive is worth a great deal. Choosing an experienced, knowledgeable real estate lawyer that you are happy with will make the experience far less stressful. 

4 Factor When Choosing The Right 'Real Estate Lawyer Near Me' 3A Real Estate Lawyer Near Me – At What Price

Price is something you will clearly want to know about, but the experience and communication skills of your lawyer is actually more important than nickel-and-diming a price point for your legal service.  Just as a ‘real estate agent near me’ is locality-specific and not as important as having the right real estate lawyer – regardless of whether they are located handily – so too the price is somewhat less important than having a competent lawyer who will do the job properly, without problems and make the process as stress-free as possible.

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