Redondo Beach, California Pedestrians Hit by Car Leaving Several Dead and More Injured

Margo Bronstein Redondo Beach DUI Killer

Children and adults should be safe when crossing the roadways legally in designated crosswalks. Redondo Beach and the South Bay in particular, are known party zones during the holiday seasons like Christmas. But no one was prepared for the sheer volume of casualties caused by one driver. It makes one ponder why politicians don’t try and ban cars instead of guns, considering the homicide rates alone.

The events that took place Wednesday night took the lives of three adults, injuring more along with five children. Driver’s have a duty to handle a vehicle safely and in this case toxicology reports allegedly will show the driver should not have been behind the wheel and has resulted in changing the lives of the pedestrians involved and the families who lost loved ones due to the driver’s negligent actions.

Pacific Coast Highway intersection pedestrian intersection crash kills three, injures five children and eight adults when alleged drunk driver runs red light. The group of pedestrians struck causing death and injuries were exiting the St. James Catholic Church Wednesday night after attending a Christmas program. The five children in the group of pedestrians injured ranged in ages from 5 through 14.

There were three women killed after sustaining injuries when the vehicle struck the pedestrians who have been identified as Mary Ann Wilson age 81, Saeko Matsumurma age 87 and Martha Gaza age 36. The pedestrians had entered the crosswalk heading east on Vincent Street when the female driver ran the red light slamming into the group.

According to Redondo Beach Police the driver identified as 56 year old Margo Bronstein who continued driving an struck another vehicle head-on. Bronstein and the other driver were both hurt in the collision. Officials said Bronstein sustained minor injuries and was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated and vehicular manslaughter. Police said the driver of the other vehicle also suffered minor injuries.

According to Redondo Police Department Lt. Joe Hoffman said investigators believe that the driver had prescription drugs in her system after an evaluation at the scene of the crash and are awaiting toxicology reports. It has been reported that Bronstein according to the Department of Motor Vehicles had a clean driving record and police have found no prior instances of DUI offenses.

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles Bronstein did have specific driving restrictions. She was required to have a vehicle with an extra right side mirror and hand controlled brakes.  Police officials said Bronstein is currently being held in jail on $300,000 bail and is set to appear in court on Friday.


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