Reisner & King LLP Allow For Quick Contact By Interested Individuals On Website – Reisner & King LLP is a firm that represents clients in a wide range of different areas including employment law, personal injury, and even business litigation matters. Their goal is to help employees to assert their rights, and gain a better understanding of what exactly is expected of companies, and management. The primarily serve throughout all of Los Angeles County, along with a number of other Southern California counties including San Bernardino, Orange, and Riverside. Adam Reisner, the senior partner, practices employment law at Reisner & King LLP and regularly hears cases that involve discrimination, retaliation by companies, and harassment of employees. He also deals with matters that fall under a variety of different state and federal laws, such as the Fair Employment act. He attended Southwestern Law school, and as a wide range of memberships and affiliations with prominent law organizations.

Tessa King is a partner at the firm that deals with employment law, as well as personal injury with the company. With experience in overtime violations, as well as a variety of types of personal injury cases, Tessa King has brought a breath of experience to Reisner & King LLP, allowing them to provide a wide range of different law services.

Reisner & King LLP has made it quite easy for potential clients to contact them, through a quick contact form on their website. Located on the left sidebar of the website, those interested in the services provided by Reisner & King LLP, the premier Los Angeles employment law attorneys, can contact them and be contacted within 24 hours to receive their free consultation. Contact form allows you to provide your name, e-mail, and phone number, as well is a detailed message regarding why you are interested in the services that they provide. If you like to get into contact with some immediately, a phone number for the firm is also provided, toll-free, where you can leave a message with reception, or schedule enough coming consultation with a lawyer at the firm.

Reisner & King LLP is also known for the updated newsletter that they provide, covering a wide range of different topics related to employment law. This updated newsletter has allow them to establish themselves as an expert in the field, drawing readership from many of the top law officials in the area.

Reisner & King LLP has over 20 years of experience in providing high quality loss services to individuals throughout the Los Angeles area. As the premier Los Angeles business litigation attorneys, they have a wide range of experience that has allowed them to help companies and individuals throughout Los Angeles, Sherman oaks, and all of California. If you are interested in the services provided by Reisner & King LLP you can fill out the contact form on their website, and be provided with the time in which you may receive a free consultation, and overview of the services that they will provide to you in your case. They know that dealing with business litigation and employment law can be very tough for companies, who need proper representation and experience by their side in order to secure a favorable outcome.

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