Salutes Staffer on a Second Graduate Degree, in Sociology; at the Company Expense!

Recently, a writer has really made us proud by completing his second graduate program! He previously received a graduate degree in History. Both of these wonderful achievements were supported by’s tuition reimbursement program. Now, that is the best way to exploit your employer!

This young man is an example to all of us. Don’t you agree that his accomplishment proves the wisdom of’s policy of subsidizing staff education? has always promoted the development of our employees in a variety of ways; tuition supports are only the most substantial!

Our young colleague with the newly minted Sociology diploma was one of our first writers to take advantage of the newly implemented tuition subsidy program. He joined the company shortly after graduation with his Bachelor’s degree, and has worked steadily towards his goal of, first, the Master’s in History, and then, his most recent diploma.

Over the years since inaugurated this tuition reimbursement program, other employees have taken individual courses to broaden and deepen their understanding of a range of topics and fields. This not only enriches their personal lives, but, we believe, also enhances their writing. They can keep abreast of new developments, or fill in gaps.

If you would like to learn more about’s employee development and enrichment programs, or more news of the company, check out the website at There are staffers on call to assist you with questions, or help you place an order, 24/7.

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