Robert Ambroli’s Top Five – (Not Including

LawJobsPipeline – Legal Jobs – “Fire up the Klieg lights and tidy up your tux. It is time to honor the five most notable legal sites of 2007.” Its Robert Ambrogi’s list this year (which doesn’t include our own – how come?) includes the ratings site that started life with $14 million in venture capital and a lawsuit (since dismissed. Next up – the federal case law archive. Altlaw, a joint venture between Colombia Law School and the University of Colorado also makes federal law available publicly, while the tried-and-true ABA Journal was celebrated by Amblogi for it’s head-to-toe redesign – and it does look good too.

Finally, Justia, founded by Tim Stanley the Findlaw founder with its easy-search functionality and content.

“Each of these sites, in its own way, helped redefine the future of how lawyers and their clients use the Web”, says Ambroli. We’re sure that’s true. Apart from

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