Ron Paul for President? Ron Paul and His Presidential Committee and “Money Bomb”

2 May 2011 – Libertarian Republican Ron Paul has formed a presidential exploratory committee as the next step toward a possible 2012 run.

In a letter to friends and colleagues Ron Paul said the response has been overwhelming.

He wrote:

“Our announcement was covered by virtually every major media outlet and generated tremendous attention. Just think how far we have come!

“In 2007, our exploratory committee barely registered on the national radar, and we had to fight just to get on television. Now, we get so many interview requests I can not physically do them all!

“Our issues have been thrust into the spotlight during a critical time in America – a time like no other in my life. More and more Americans are waking up to the fact that we need to balance our budget, rein in the Federal Reserve, restore civil liberties, and return to a constitutional foreign policy.

“This Thursday, May 5th, I have agreed to participate in the Fox News debate in Greenville, South Carolina. The debate itself will be a major factor in determining if we launch a full-fledged campaign later in the month.

“There is another factor we will consider as well.

“The Grassroots have been organizing a Money Bomb on the day of the debate, and its success is crucial to my final decision. Our team will have a counter up at our new website,, for all the world to see.

“I hope you will help show them how strong we are.

“Just think of the message it will send the Establishment, the banksters, and the status quo reckless spenders in Washington if we raise a big sum on debate day! It will send a powerful signal that we are here to win back our Liberty and return our great nation to its constitutional principles.

“I hope you will consider chipping in to help make the Debate Day Money Bomb a huge success. Please remember to mark your calendars for Thursday, May 5th, and check in at And, if you can, please also remember to watch me fight for our principles in the debate that night!”

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