Ron Paul Sees Iraq War As Illegal As He Takes Strong Constitutional Views

LAWFUEL – At a time when the Pentagon and Congress are struggling over the cost of the war in Iraq, Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul not only sees the war as illegal and unconstitutional but as a danger to the United States because it threatens to bankrupt the country.

Paul, who ran for president on the Libertarian Party ticket in 1988, said: “I think I was born with” a passion for constitutional freedom and liberty. Modern American political life with its large federal government presence and its welfare state promises “bangs it out of us, our natural instincts,” as freedom lovers.

Paul views New Hampshire as a key primary state, one receptive to the concept of “personal responsibility.” He said his recent fund-raising success has given his campaign a boost of credibility — “it was worth $10 million in free publicity” — and allowed his small operation to expand to nine staff members working out of one office in Concord

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