Ron Paul’s Personal, Pre-Super Tuesday, Anniversary Fundraiser

LawFuel – Ron Paul, the barnstorming Republican libertarian, is innovating again with a very special, personal tie-in. Friday is Ron Paul’s 51st wedding anniversary. And so on Friday, 2/1, the fundraisers are offering a pre-Super Tuesday fundraising bonus for those who contribute $201 (or more). The donors get to write a personalized message to Ron Paul and his wife Carol.

Ron Paul’s wife gives some background on their meeting:

“I actually came into the picture about 1952 when Ron was my escort to my 16th birthday party. Don’t tell anyone – but I asked him… actually my birthday is February 29th and it was a Sadie Hawkins-type party where the girls asked the boys… and I asked him.

“We went away to college (different colleges in different states), but always kept in touch. On February 1, 1957, we married in an all-white wedding with the bridesmaids carrying armloads of red roses. The flower girl wore a white dress and sprinkled rose petals down the aisle. A fraternity brother of Ron’s sang “The Wedding Prayer” and the “Lord’s Prayer.” Both are very special to us, even today.

“We spent his last semester in college married, and living on the third floor of an old home in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. For one year Ron was manager of the college coffee shop called “The Bullet Hole.” He worked as steward and house manager for his fraternity, and had a small scholastic scholarship to help finance his way through college.

those of you who will be contributing on Friday in honor of Ron and Carol’s many loving years together, we’ve included an added bonus: Everyone who contributes at least $201 (since Friday is, after all, 2/01) will get to write a personalized anniversary message to Ron and Carol!

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