Rugby World Cup 2011 Hassles – and Challenges

As the rugby world cup 2011 heat develops the big question over the number of tickets sold continues to gather pace. Query: how many tickets can ‘ticket maestro’ Martin Snedden actually sell? And – further query – which is the best ticket or hospitality deal to get for the rugby world cup 2011?

Snedden is relying on selling as many of the 1.65million tickets as he can because, as the NZ Herald reports, that’s where their only cash will come: “that’s our only revenue and, if you like, the only thing off-setting the cost on the other side and everyone’s interested in the gap in between. Phase one [of ticket sales] has been great but we’ve just got to keep going at it the whole way through. It’s important it keeps going well. It’s relentless.”

Roughly half a million rugby world cup 2011 tickets have been sold, but things are looking a little slow so far as some of the key rwc2011 markets are concerned, such as Australia, where sales have been sluggish. However Snedden believes that he has tapped into a major expat market of New Zealanders, South Africans and English.

It’s not just the tickets – its also the rugby world cup 2011 hosting. Is there yet, as the Herald says, a “hosting frame of mind”?

Is the rugby world cup 2011 simply too big for a country with a little over 4 million people? Accomodation is an issue and it is one that those seeking the best rugby world cup experience will need to ensure is properly sorted out.

Snedden admits that if every fan is after a quality hotel bed in the centre of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, then many are going to be disappointed. Instead RNZ 2011 is relying on a process of educating potential World Cup visitors to the myriad options which include private house rentals, bed and breakfasts, motels, motorhomes and the three confirmed cruise ships that will carry 5500 berths.

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