‘Second Gentleman’ Douglas Emhoff And His DLA Piper Earnings

'Second Gentleman' Douglas Emhoff And His DLA Piper Earnings
'Second Gentleman' Douglas Emhoff And His DLA Piper Earnings

‘Second Gentleman’, Vice President Kamala Harris’s husband Douglas Emhoff earned $1.4 million according to the tax records provided by The White House. Most of the income came from DLA Piper.

Emhoff worked as an entertainment attorney as managing director of Venables West Coast and then moving to DLA Piper where around $1.2 million was earned.

In addition to being America’s first second gentleman, he is also a teacher at Georgetown Law.

Emhoff filed his 1040 individual income tax return May 13—making good use of the IRS’s extension of tax filing season.

The tax records showed his income from wages, salaries and tips as $156,308 and his other income as $1,695,300. His return listed $1,401,398 in partnership income from two law firms. The bulk of that, $1,219,771, was from DLA Piper.

That compares to around $2.12 million in average profits per equity partner at DLA Piper last year.

The other income earned by Emhoff was $181,627 from Venable. He left the firm to join DLA Piper in 2017.

According to Forbes, the two lawyers (Vice President Harris was a prosecutor in Oakland, California, and San Francisco before becoming attorney general of California and then a U.S. senator) have made a combined $11.5 million since marrying in 2014. Of those earnings, the magazine says Emhoff’s private practice has generated over 75% of the couple’s income.

When she ran in the Democratic primaries, Harris released 15 years of her tax returns, dating back to 2004—the year she became a district attorney in San Francisco on a $142,000 salary.

As attorney general, Harris made $159,000 in 2011.

On his own tax return for 2020, the second gentleman indicated he was married and filing jointly. He listed his spouse’s occupation as vice president.

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